An intelligently performing team achieves more – and does so more simply, more quickly and more effectively. Teamwork is equally important.

Teamwork is equally important. But that's not all: As expectations of efficiency and quality increase, so the degree of cooperation within a team increasingly develops into a key factor for the success of the company.

It is very rare, however, for an outstanding team performance to be the result of a lucky coincidence. It is more about dealing intelligently with existing issues such as management change, integration of new staff, unclear roles, structural changes, lack of resources, interpersonal discord, etc.

We can help you deal with these issues effectively to ensure that your team will perform intelligently not only today, but tomorrow as well.

Your goal: To take advantage of the start-up phase as a catalyst for a successful collaboration.

When a manager takes charge of a new team, or team members change, or a team is assigned a new task, first of all the members have to establish themselves as a team. Trust needs to grow, and common goals and codes of conduct need to be defined to enable an intelligent performance.

Experience has shown that assistance during the initial phase has the effect of speeding up the team development process: team members become better and more quickly integrated. At the same time any issues related to a successful start for the team can be discussed constructively in a relaxed atmosphere. This means that ambiguities and misunderstandings simply will not occur in the first place – an early success that serves as a sound basis for ongoing cooperation.

This service is aimed at managers who will soon be taking on a new team and at teams that are being joined by a number of new members.

Your goal: to create transparency, clarify roles and boost performance.

It is not uncommon for a team made up of extremely capable members to fail to move forward according to plan despite the technical expertise possessed by its members. Knowledge of the relevant field alone is not enough to ensure success as a team or outstanding performance. The way in which team members work together is much more of a deciding factor for team performance.

To ensure an outstanding team performance, it is essential that the collaboration works well both in a practical sense and in terms of relationships. This includes clear presentation of objectives, roles, tasks, processes and structures, as well as mutual trust, shared visions and values, plus the ability to communicate in an open and constructive way.

A process of communication about the "What" and "How" of working together, tailored for the team in question, makes an intelligently performing team out of a work group. Give us a call if you too would like to boost your team performance.

This service is aimed at work, project and management teams that want to make even better use of their potential.

Your goal: to make use of conflicts as opportunities for improvement.

Every team knows conflicts. When people come together with differing expectations, perceptions and interests, differences of opinion cannot be avoided. It is important to resolve these conflicts at the time they arise to prevent them from tying up energy and detracting from performance.

If they are approached intelligently, then they offer potential for personal development in the people involved and innovative solutions for the entire team. Methodical mediation has the effect of interrupting the escalation process. At the same time it ensures that information is exchanged, misunderstandings are resolved, and perspectives are changed. Simply understanding one's colleagues' viewpoints is often enough to bring about a change. Members of the team learn to make use of the conflict as an opportunity to make improvements.

What's more, it is a key experience for the team when its members start talking to one another about difficult issues. Working together to find a solution generates positive energy. This is not just about finding a practical solution but also about taking into account the interests and wishes of all those involved. The aim is to arrive at a decision that is ultimately supported by all those involved. In this way, one step at a time, the team will achieve its intelligent performance.

We will happily help you to resolve any conflicts in your team.

This service is aimed at managers and team leaders who aspire to intelligent conflict resolution.

Your goal: to deal with problems in a solution-oriented way and at the same time to strengthen your team.

When a team is facing a particular challenge, all the factors need to be right. The team needs a shared objective, a clear division of roles and tasks, as well as an open, honest and focused way of communicating.  Team coaching provides your team with the opportunity to deal with this and other problems from everyday work in a constructive framework, to reflect on them under professional guidance and deal with them in a systematic, solution-oriented way. By reflecting together on their everyday experience, each member of the team receives practical support and is challenged.

Resource-focused team coaching is always geared towards strengths and with the future in mind.  When we work with teams we always aim specifically at the desired future rather than the past. The more aware the team becomes of how things will be when the problem has been resolved, the greater its desire and confidence to achieve this target state. After each step there is a check to see what else the situation requires in order for the team to achieve its specific goal.

This results in increased effectiveness and efficiency due to a stronger sense of team identity, the further development of communication, and encouragement of the ability to make decisions. An environment is created in which individual and collective learning are possible.

Why not give us a ring and let us tell you how team coaching can boost the performance of your team intelligently

This service is aimed at management teams, project teams and diversity teams that want to achieve their goals more effectively.