Managers who perform intelligently are not born with that ability.

They mature from the challenges posed by their work and from the experience they gain from it. They grow through reflection and gain in self-awareness. This also includes knowing one's own skills, how to use them properly, preparing oneself for upcoming issues and acquiring the requisite skills for these. This learning process is supported by an additional perspective and good energy management.

This page provides information on services that will bring you closer to your intelligent performance.

Your goal: To get to know your abilities and to find your dream job.

Do you know your abilities?

We hear it from the media every day: the economic situation is changing and so too are employment conditions. Companies respond to these changes by adapting, combining or even doing away with job profiles.

Against this backdrop it is intelligent to know who you are and what you are capable of. And it is just as intelligent, if not more so, to take up a suitable position thanks to this awareness.

The support we provide as part of a reorientation enables you to identify the skills, knowledge and abilities that you have already and to name these clearly. You will also document your strengths and work on your weaknesses. We will also work with you on improving your application documents, selecting suitable job vacancies and preparing you for interviews and assessments. This will help you find the job that you really want.

This service is aimed at people who are looking for a new career challenge and want to take control of their own development, and at those who are eager to learn and would like to embark on further training.

Your goal: to master the "make-or-break phase" and position yourself intelligently.

In your first 100 days as a new manager all eyes will be on you. You will be feeling under pressure to succeed and will be watched and judged from all sides. You need to make the most of this important phase and position yourself intelligently! We give you practical guidelines and useful tools that will enable you to approach the challenges in your new role with confidence and strength. These will enable you to enjoy mastering your "make-or-break phase", and to do so with self-awareness.

We will also give you the answers to questions that everyone faces when starting in a new job: How can I handle all the expectations? When should I start making the first changes? How can I secure early, sustainable successes?

This 100-day programme is designed for any level of management – from junior managers to CEOs.

Your goal: to behave, manage, act and communicate in a genuine way.

It is crucial for junior managers to grow into their new roles quickly. You need to develop in the shortest possible time from a specialist in your field into a manager who can manage both themselves and the team in an intelligent way. Here, the amount of support that can be provided by HR and your line manager is often limited.

I can use my many years of experience to support you in carrying out your new managerial role. By working with me you will find a balance between managing your team and maintaining a sense of camaraderie, and you will develop an appreciative, genuine management style. Your staff will sense that their young boss has a personal approach that they need in order to manage effectively.

We will also work on using important professional management tools in ways appropriate to the situation; these tools include effective team leadership, confident decision-making and proficient delegation of tasks.

To ensure that you make a good impression in all situations, we will also take a closer look at topics such as business etiquette, small talk and self-marketing.

This service is aimed at junior managers and talented staff who will soon be taking on or have just taken on a managerial position.

Your goal: to deal with challenges in an energy-efficient way by working reflectively with others.

As an experienced manager, you will be faced with ambiguity, ever-increasing competition and a gathering pace.  At the same time you will be called upon to master complex tasks. The higher your position in the hierarchy, the more you have to rely on your own resources. Wouldn't you agree that what is lacking here is an independent, objective and honest opposite number to communicate with? It doesn't have to be like that. We can be there for you and act as your sparring partner:

  • To work through any problems that you face
    Strategic issues frequently get lost in the hectic pace of operational activities; innovation, quality and personnel issues are put on hold. Now you can find the time to work through these areas from a variety of different standpoints, to find suitable approaches and work towards solutions
  • To manage the dynamics in your company with confidence
    The positive perception of your position in the company is determined by the highly charged field of relationship dynamics. Communicating in a way that is appropriate for a particular person and their level, resolving conflict adeptly, and the ability to convince and influence others are all vitally important
  • To boost their performance intelligently.
    By skilful management of your own energy and using a variety of different ways of thinking, you will become an "energizer" for your team and your company, thereby raising their performance. A balance will develop between work and private life: you will work more effectively and feel more relaxed outside working hours.

This service is aimed at experienced managers who want to approach their work intelligently and achieve their goals in a sustainable manner.