Companies and their management teams face the significant hurdle of the challenges posed by changing circumstances.

The time available for changes becomes ever shorter, as do the intervals between change processes. Intelligently performing companies have four things in common that enable them to deal with change in a more relaxed way:

  • They turn change to their own advantage by developing new visions.
  • They approach change processes in a proactive way.
  • They understand the chain of success and the key factors for their own success.
  • They have a strong brand that is lived by their staff and customers.

On this page you will find services that can mobilise the strengths in your organisation and intelligently boost its performance.

Your goal: to achieve clarity on visions, targets and strategy and to develop the will to drive their implementation forward with concrete measures. 

To make sure that progress can be shaped in your company, the goals and associated motivations must be clear for all members of staff. This level of identification is formed by a vision and a mission, values and strategy; these elements form the necessary orientation framework within which managers and employees operate. They show your customers and stakeholders what your company stands for and what you would like to bring about.

The process of developing a credible, attractive and powerful picture of the future not only creates clarity but also releases enormous energy to motivate your employees like never before and to clearly motivate you as a manager.

We will happily assist you with

developing and introducing images of the future (vision, mission, mission statement, values, etc.).

– Developing and evaluating potential strategic options

– Performing strategy checks

– Using KPIs (key performance indicators) to monitor the achievement of targets

This service is aimed at members of the management board, CEOs , managing directors and all business people striving for a competitive advantage.

Your goal: raising the performance of your organisation through intelligent change.

Decreasing productivity, discussions of principles and meetings that lack any positive outcome, unresolved conflicts on different levels, large numbers of sick days, high staff turnover, etc. are all indicators of a need for change.

We can work together to find the underlying reasons and to develop effective solutions to your company's specific problems. We will not fall back on stock approaches but will develop an advisory strategy that is tailored specifically for the individual circumstances of your organisation. The focus here may be on markets, strategy, structure, culture, processes and/or also technologies.

The aim is to intelligently improve the performance of your organisation or specific departments within it in respect of their objectives. We either focus on subsystems (teams, work groups, sections, etc.) or work with the entire organisation as necessary.

The organisation as a whole and the people employed in it are developed in parallel. Learning processes are set in motion by working in partnership on the problem situation, practical experience and reflection.

Our strength lies in our ability to steer, shape and, as moderators, support the organisation's development process. This leaves you free to concentrate on the most important aspect of the change process, namely making the correct decisions.

Get in touch with us to find out how you can increase your organisation's performance through intelligent changes.

These services are aimed at CEOs, managing directors and businesspeople.

Your goal: to meet customer needs even more fully whilst at the same time cutting costs.

What does it take to be successful in the long term? I have been asked this question time and time again by CEOs and members of management boards of all manner of different companies. The answer is simple. It lies in your company's chain of success.

Based on the experience I have gained in my own career and as a continuation of my dissertation, I have involved myself intensively over recent years with "success chain optimisation" in companies. I have analysed ways of meeting customer needs better while at the same time cutting costs. From my analysis I have developed a procedure for which I have filed a patent application. I have already successfully implemented this procedure with a number of both Swiss and international companies.

I concentrate my focus on the areas where action is required. This puts me in a position to reinforce my customers' confidence in the service, to secure them long-term, and to gain new customers from my competitors. My success up to now bears this out: key performance indicators have improved significantly. Facts: I talk of improvements of an order of magnitude of tens of millions of euros within a year – a "win-win situation" for your customers and your company. My know-how is especially beneficial for the future in view of the challenging economic and political environment.

When we speak I will be able to explain how you can make even better use of your opportunities in the market.

This service is aimed at CEOs, managing directors and businesspeople.

Your goal: to develop and maintain a brand that radiates a powerful, positive message for customers and staff alike.

A brand is much more than just a trademark or image. A strong brand adds to the value of a company, its products and services. Added value ensues when a brand enables a customer to find their way quickly around the products or services offered, and when it provides confidence for selecting a product. What's more, a brand often promises a particular experience and enables a person who owns it to display the fact that they belong to a particular group.

It is a case of repeatedly capitalising on the promise of the brand if staff and customers are to trust you in the long term without wanting to take you on over the price. This is just as important for SMEs as it is for large concerns.

We will be happy to help you to bring new life to your brand intelligently. Our services include:

  • Developing a brand strategy
    Your company's brand identity and associated positioning are developed and/or reviewed on the basis of your mission statement. Where necessary we optimise your brand architecture and structure your brand portfolio.
  • Implementing the brand strategy intelligently
    Strategies often fail due to poor implementation. We are happy to provide advice and help you to avoid this pitfall where, for instance, the aim of the game is to give your brand a unique image, to develop further in the area of communication, or to choose the most suitable agency.
  • Optimising "touch points"
    Customers come into contact with a company at various points. It is all about understanding these experiences from the customer's point of view and then optimising them. A tracking system can be set up for this purpose if required. New contact points that trigger enthusiasm can also be identified.
  • Attracting "potentials" (employer branding)
    The battle for talented staff has begun in many sectors. I can help you to develop a strong "employer brand" and to position yourself successfully in the market for junior managers and staff with specialist skills.

These services are aimed at businesspeople, managing directors, marketing and product managers, marketing and sales directors, and managers who have significant influence over brand success.